Friday, February 8, 2013

The "Gall" of it all...

So for about the past 4 months I have been getting these terrible "episodes" as I had coined them. I thought that it was band related at first. You know...eating too fast, taking to big of a bite, forgetting and drinking fluid on top of my food. Basically, any on the list of Band do's and don'ts. I began to realize these attacks were happening whether I was eating or not. About a week ago the attacks became severe. All I can say is the pain was worse than labor or childbirth. I could not sit, stand, laydown. I would have to pace and walk around outside. I would start to dry heave until my throat was sore and raw. I knew I better get in to see my Band Doc. I made an urgent appt. and next thing I knew they were sending me for a stat ultrasound and EGD. Yep, you got it....Diagnosis Gallstones. So this coming Monday I will be having Gallbladder surgery. They have connected me up with a surgeon who has experience doing them on patients with the Band. I am glad about this. I am also glad it wasn't my Band causing me to be ill. When the pain was at its most severe I actually thought "What the hell did I do getting this thing put in". That is the first time I have ever doubted my decision to be banded. Good News, I have put those thoughts out of my mind. I plan to get fixed up and back on track. I have been on a bland diet this week to prevent any attacks so I had to giggle when I saw this cartoon!! I miss reading your blogs, maybe while I am laid up I can catch up on my reading. Hope you are all doing well.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a difference a year makes....

Last year on my Birthday I had surgery to remove a skin cancer from my forehead and I was on a liquid diet preparing for my Band surgery the following week. It was one of my first posts to my Blog. Let's just say lasts years Birthday kinda sucked!! Today, is a whole new story, what a difference a year can make. Today, I feel better than I have in years. Not only have I lost 60+ pounds, but I am healthier, happier and more active. I can honestly say I feel "44" years young!! I am such a visual person so I went hunting for pictures from last year this time and I came across this one...All I can see is a puffy, overtired lady. The next picture was taken this week when my friend took me out for lunch...I look alive!
My sweet boys greated me with Happy Birthday kisses bright and early this morning and they both picked out flowers for me. Tonight my hubby and I will be going out to my favorite restaurant in Scottsdale. Can I just say...I am so blessed!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have been a bit absent from blogging this past week or so and I wanted to share what's been going on. A week from last Monday we woke up to sounds coming from our boys bedroom. We thought one of them was having a nightmare or something. My husband yelled for me to come in there and I found my 10 year old having a massive seizure. Even though I am a nurse it was the hardest thing to watch in your own child. He has no history of seizures and had no obvious event that could have provoked one. We went to the hospital and they ran tests including a CT scan, blood work etc. The good news is those tests came back ok, so he doesn't have a brain tumor or anything like that. So, today I am taking him for an EEG so they can monitor his brain waves for anything out of the ordinary. Its been a tough week, wondering if its going to happen again etc etc. I sure hope he is not developing Epilepsy as that can be a hard one going through life...please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we look to find the answers. Thanks

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you all a safe and fun Labor Day! We decided to stay home this weekend instead of trying to get out of town. We had a pretty stressful week and it seemed like more work to plan something then to just relax at home. Today, I will take the boys to a pizza and a movie. Later we will BBQ and swim. Simple but relaxing.....

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This weekend we bought a Vitamix. It was super expensive(500.00) ahh choke... but I hear from so many that it works fabulous. So far we have made two different smoothies from the recipe book and I am impressed. Both we added spinach, tomatoes and zucchini to them and you would have never known they had veggies it it. Super Cool! do any of you have one? If so, any favorite protein shake recipes to share?

Tonight I am going to make the Tortilla soup for dinner. Later today I am meeting up with about 6 other Arizona Bandsters for lunch. Super excited to meet them all and get to know them in person better. I will try and take pictures to post later on.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Booty and Barium Swallows

So I was browsing through our pictures on the computer and I came across this picture and seriously had to do a double take...I was like OMG, my Ass really used to look like that??? I showed it to my hubby and he said "who is that?". He didn't believe it when I told him it was me. So even on my worst days I can look at this and say "you've come a long way baby"!!

I went to True Results today and had a really good visit with the NP, she gave me a psychological Adjustment instead of a Band Adjustment. We talked through some of my recent stressors and stumbling blocks and got a game plan set up. Since it is close to my One year she also did my annual Barium Swallow to check out how my Band is doing and everything looked great. Positioned well, no pouching and barium went through well. It was a relief just to make sure everything was still okay.
Hope you all are having a good week. I get to meet up with some of the other AZ Bandsters this weekend for lunch, so I am super excited. Also very excited that BOOB's is getting closer...