Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stopping in to say HI, i really am still alive.....

I have been super busy lately, and each night I think about reading blogs and writing but I have been too damn tired. Really, that is my honest excuse! I have probably missed out on some great news, NSV's, pics, and such of all you wonderful people. I am so sorry that I am behind. I will eventually get caught up though. Until then, I hope that you are all doing well and you are having a great weekend. Take Care....


  1. :) Crazy here as well, mostly with Mr. X stuff (good stuff) ;) Will I see you this month at TR?

    1. we need to get caught up...maybe we can meet early before TR, let me know...

  2. I have been out sick and missed a bunch of blogs.....its so easy to fall behind...glad you said hi!!!!

  3. Send me your email so I can send you that recipe ( I tried to reply it said no reply comment....and I assume that means if I replied you wouldn't get it.