Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feeling much better since my slight unfill

I saw the Dr. and she took out half of my last fill and wow do I feel better! I hated to admit that I was too tight but I was. Now, I can get down much healthier choices and don't want to cheat with slider foods. I also appreciated the pep talk she gave me. I told her I had been a bit down on myself since I had not seen the scale move in about a month. She said I was doing wonderfully! My neck and waist measurements had gone down since my last visit and I had actually lost 4 lbs since my last visit. So I guess I need to just chillax some. On a different note, I dyed my hair tonight back to my more brown color vs red. I was getting sick of the red fading out to a funky brass color. I think it turned out good. Maybe before summer I will go and get some highlights put in. Also, have any of you had laser hair removal??? I checked into that today as well. Now that I can actually see my lady bits, I am keenly aware of the serious bush I have going on. I have always hated shaving there and waxing, or using Nair results in a painful rash. I have really fair, sensitive skin. Soooo...I am wondering if its worth the pricetag to do it?? Any feedback would be appreciated. Its heating up in Arizona so I have only a few weeks before I will have to officially get out the weed-wacker!!! Hope you are all doing well.. I will leave you with a funny.....


  1. I get my lady bits waxed every four weeks. Would love to do laser but have never tried it! xxx

  2. I went to Brazil once....I'm never going back! Just sayin'...

  3. Glad you had the unfill and hope it really helps to eat healthy things and start losing again.

    I've had laser hair removal done on my face and it hurt like hell and after 12 sessions still didn't work. I've heard that facial hair hurts the most and is the most resistent to the lasers because it is more hormonal. But I know a lot of people that have had great success with their lady bits. I would love to do more, but now I'm scared after my other experience.