Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food there such a thing?

This past week I feel like I am in mourning for the foods I know I won't be able to eat after I am banded. Is that crazy or what? Does that mean I am truly a food addict or just prepairing myself for the changes I need to make? So today I thought about the Bread sticks at Olive Garden as I polished down two that will probably be my last. Yesterday, I thought about Cinnabuns (and I haven't even had one in years) but the mere idea they will be off the list made me crave one. I think the biggest one has been my Diet Coke, I have been sucking them down at a faster rate these past few days. I feel like the prisoner getting ready for the lethal injection and the Warden asking what I want for my final meal!!! I think this is probably pretty typical of what others may feel as well. I will start my modified liquid diet on Sept 1st so I have a few more weeks to process all of this and prepare for my life changing event. I will try not to think of it as the ending of me enjoying food but to the beginning of a new, healthier me.

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  1. I can totally relate! I drank so much diet coke before surgery I could have floated away on all of the carbonation... now a month after surgery, I haven't had any and honestly, I dont want any.. even if I used to drink about 3 cans a day. What was different for me is that the surgeon didnt put me on a pre-op diet and after surgery I had 7 days of liquids/mushies and then 7 days of really soft foods and then I was back to small portions of normal food. I get my first fill next week! xxx