Saturday, August 13, 2011

Results of my EGD

this week I had an EGD (endoscopy). They told me that they had to take a biopsy of a spot that may be cancerous, so this had me worried just a bit. Well the Dr. called back yesterday and said "all is well, no cancer, just an inflammation of my esophagus". Thanks goodness, I began to worry that I had made it this far only to find out they were going to find a reason to cancel my lapband. On a side note I had heard that Myoplex was a good protein shake and that CVS pharmacy had them on clearance 75% off. I made a mad dash out last night and hit all the CVS's that I could. I scored at least 10 packs.   They are normally 12 bucks and I got each one for 3 bucks. Yahoo!!!  I am pretty sure I will be sick of it by the time I get through my pre/post op diet but what the hey I can not turn down a bargain like this!! I am also excited that I got an email from a girl named Amy who has just had her lapband done in July by the same group. I can't wait to connect with her and others to get the "skinny"(no pun intended) on how all this bandster stuff works....

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  1. I hear that Amy girl is pretty cool! She's blatantly honest :)