Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Earn Your Body

I borrowed this from Julie Michaelson's (Personal Trainer) Blog. In her blog entry she talks about everyone has to earn their body. Yes, some are born with better Genes and DNA than others (me not included) but we all have to make decisions whether to have a healthy lifestyle or not.
 I hate to tell you this, there really is no “luck” involved in having a great body. You earn it. You work for it…every single day. We make choices each day, each meal that bring us closer to the body we want or move us farther from it. -end Quote
I believe this is true. Thats why I get mad when I hear people talk Crap about Lab Band. Even though I am yet to be banded I know this is a huge commitment and not the easy way out. Every step I have taken so far and then continue to take after Thursday is because I really care about my health. I want to lose weight, I want to put my Diabetes in remission, I want to make good food choices, I need to exercise( sorry I just couldn't put the I want part there just yet) and YES I want to look hot in a pair of jeans!!  Last but not least I want to surround myself with positive supportive people! I have to tell you that in the past week of my new blogging adventures that is exactly what I have found. I really appreciate all the people I have met who don't even know me from Eve that have been so wonderful. Only two more sleeps until I am banded. I am ready to Earn My Body back!!!


  1. I love this post!! I love that we have to EARN it - and I really need (not quite at the "want" stage yet either) to work out!!

    GREAT post - you're almost there!!

  2. What a great quote! Thanks for sharing it with us Kelli. I have to agree, while the band is a tool that really helps keep me on the path to getting closer to the body I want, there is still my dedication to getting in the gym or to a zumba class every day as well as making the choices each day to follow the bandster rules for food and water every day. Thanks!

  3. I love this post. It is so true.

  4. Great post, I never thought of it that way. :)

  5. Hi Kelli, I think that's a great quote for us all to bear in mind especially when it feels easier to blame everything around us for a stall in weight loss. Firstly I wanted to say that although having the scar on your forehead is upsetting for you now, it really isn't that bad and will fade and that you were brave in going to get the cancer removed. Feel proud of yourself! Secondly and most importantly - GOOD LUCK for tomorrow! I will be thinking of you all day and wishing you well and hoping the gas pains etc aren't too bad. You're exactly a month ahead of me so I'll be looking to you for advice! Lots of love!! x

  6. Kelli - thoughts will be with you tomorrow!!