Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pre-op Liquid Diet, day 1

So I started my 2 week pre op liquid diet today and here is how it went.... Breakfast: The ever so yummy Vanilla EAS protein drink at 8am. By 11am I am thinking should I drink my next shake? Is it too soon, will I then be sorry the rest of the day with nothing?  So about 1130am I caved and sucked down my slightly yummy Chocolate EAS protein drink. Notice I said sucked down...well it went so quick I was left with the thought...okay whats next? Oh ya....nothing! My second shake left me feeling pretty good until about 2pm and then low blood sugar set in. I panicked and ate a protein bar but that did the trick and I felt my brain returning. By about 4 pm I could have ate my right arm off but I stuck it out and was so happy to have a small piece of grilled chicken and broccoli for my one meal of the day. It tasted like heaven! So I am sitting here writting this with a raging headache but ever so grateful for this opportunity to change my health for the good. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity for success and I just might live a little on the wild side and have Strawberry to drink! p.s. I drank lots of water today whoo hoo!

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