Thursday, October 13, 2011

KelliBelliBand Meets Finding Me

I went to my support group tonight and I finally got to meet Amy(from Finding Me), Yaa! It was so funny though because we were both outside the building with the leader since had locked herself out and I looked over and thought I wonder if that is Amy? When she wasn't looking I whispered to the leader "is that Amy" and out loud she says "No, its Frank!" She thought I was asking what her little doggies name was. too funny. Anyhoo, Amy finally says "you're not Kelli are you?" and I said yes. I guess we both look slightly different then in our pictures since we have both lost some weight. I am happy to have bandster close to me that had the same surgeon. I have learned so much from her already. Well after about 40 minutes someone finally came and unlocked the building for us and we had our official meeting. We talked about Mindless eating and got some great pointers. It was a good evening.


  1. You're so funny :) It was so good to meet you! Just two days you'll be celebrating your 1 month bandiversary! Hope your appt tomorrow goes well.

  2. Hot terrific it is to find someone to share this journey with you - I am sooo thrilled for both of YOU!!

  3. here's my belly bloat picture since we were talking about it last night! Still can't believe it!