Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1. I did survive Zumba but it kicked my arse....
2. I have been having so much fun with my sister visiting that I haven't had much time to check blogs. I will get caught up though.
3. My coworker brought in a bunch of her clothes that don't fit her anymore and they are super cute. My self perception is off  because I looked at them and thought...those wont fit, but sure enough they all did!
4. More and more people are commenting at work to my weight loss and positive attitude. They will say things like "look at you miss skinny minnie" I swear I have never been called that in my life!
5. This weekend is super busy for me with a Chili Cookoff, the boys Birthday parties, school parties and Halloween. I am so glad I have much for energy these days it will definately help out!
6. I told myself I will try Zumba again next week....
7. I am loving the cooler weather Phoenix has been experiencing this week, it almost feels like fall.
8. I ate a couple bites of a burrito this week and the tortilla went down, I was super scared of getting stuck.
9. When I am in the shower and I look down I can actually see the my unmentionables now as my dang belly aint so big!    
10. My sis took a picture of me tonight after I got my face painted and I was literally shocked at how much my face, chin and profile looks different! What do your think???




  1. Yes, what a difference in the pictures. You look great.

    I look forward to getting to know you better.

    And I can hear the positiveness(is that a in your post.

  2. You can really see it in your face! You look great!

    I love hearing the same things at work, it makes you feel like you are on track!

    I am in a Chilli Cook Off tomorrow as well!

    Good Luck have a terrific weekend!

  3. of course you look different!! :) awesome!

  4. New follower here. I can see a huge difference...beautiful!

  5. Yes, I see a difference in your face. How cool.

  6. You look great! Also, I've been getting alot of said "skinny mini" comments lately. It IS a weird feeling!