Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1. My Sister in Law had her first baby Tuesday, a little precious, beautiful girl. That makes me an Auntie in law!
2. My Hubby came home from Houston tonight from a business trip and he was so sweet to give the boys their bath to give me a break.
3. We have had some sad, tragic things happen at work this week. 2 days ago a nurse I work with had to have emergency open heart surgery.  She is young. The doctor said she was lucky to be alive because her arteries were more than 90percent blocked. I am praying for her a speedy recovery. Then this morning I am checking my Blackberry only to find out another nurse I work with lost her fiance' who was killed on his motorcycle coming home from work last night. He is only 40. She is in my thoughts and prayers as well.
4. The old me would have probably ate through my sorrow today but I didn't and I am proud.
5. I had to visit the "Lady Bits" doctor this week for my annual checkup and for once I didn't feel like the fattest person ever in stir-ups!!
6. My new/used size 18 pants are starting to get baggy already.
7. My Sister is coming next week for a visit and I am super happy. She will be here for Halloween and my boys Birthdays- Yea! Did I mention she is a chef? I will have to practice self control and she always makes yummy dishes.
8. My Blood sugars have been running great, wondering how long before they take me off my diabetic med. That will be the ultimate!
9. Just looked into rejoining my Gym so that I now that I am cleared can take my exercise up a notch.
10. Happy to be alive, well, and working on improving my health. So thankful I have found this blog community and the help and friendship it provides. Finally, have a great TGIF tomorrow!!


  1. Ok, so I was just posting a comment and my word verification was that googles sense of humor for a Fat girl Halloween joke?? Ya know Dracula, Fatcula??

  2. I can't wait to hear that you're off your blood sugar meds - its going to happen!!

    Congratulations, Auntie!!

  3. Looks like you got a lot going on! Great news about the baggy pants and sugar levels!!

  4. Keep those size 18's....cuz your local friend Amy is going to see them....eventually (just got to size 24) :) :) :)