Monday, November 21, 2011

Helpful Holiday Hints

Today our Biggest Loser Coach at work sent out this email so I thought I would share it with you all...

Yikes…the big holiday hoohah begins…Be not afraid! You get to choose! And that is a beautiful thing! Starting today the office smorgasbords might be in full swing and the food overload will continue until buttons snap Sunday…remember you are not required to partake just because food is in front of you or because someone else wants an overeating buddy. Choose wisely and honor yourself! Some tips

eat a good breakfast with 15-20 grams of protein and 3-5 grams of fiber. If you start out satisfied you will be less likely to cave in to temptation.
keep healthy snacks on hand…celery or apple and peanut butter, 2% string cheese and fruit.
Steer clear of serving bowls….put a single serving on a plate and leave the area
take one spoonful servings of high calorie favorites….enjoy slowly
really look at your plate and think about the size of your stomach….if you load up a dinner size plate it will hold far more than your stomach comfortably my dad used to say…don’t let your eyes overfill your stomach. Like in # 4 take one spoonful servings and savor the flavor…
MOVE! Start a new family tradition of a walk a day. Play movement video games. Stretch frequently through the a huge meal is exhausting!
wear something snug and fabulous to remind you how hard you’ve been working! (just bring tennies for your walk)
Decide TODAY that you aren’t’ deprived because you are eating healthfully. Honestly, the deprivation comes from the bondage of overeating…I have never spoken to an overweight person who feels happy about the physical mess they are in.
Be grateful for the fact that you have made the decision to CHOOSE health! Armed with pride in yourself, good food choices and exercise you will sail through this week and feel better than ever! Truly enjoy each morsel and minute of the weekend!

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