Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's the little things you do....

We have a Biggest Loser program here at work and our wellness coach posted this today and I thought it was worth sharing......

Really it’s the little things you do…all day long…that make a big difference. You don’t have to starve yourself or workout to the point of exhaustion. Honestly these usually only backfire because you’re irritable, tired all the time, you get injured or get sick of the torture and give up. So what CAN you do?
First…be realistic about eating. The holidays are coming and whatever that means there is food involved. Get a plan and stick to it! Start or recommit NOW so you are armed and ready with healthy alternatives and go to recipes. One of my clients has a meal plan written out through Jan 1 to keep her on track and so that she can shop just once a week…staying out of the stores will help your wallet and your waist : )
Second….do you get tired and moody during the holidays? Moderate exercise releases endorphins which help mood and also energy level. Even on the dog tired days try to get a walk in…and schlepping bags through a mall burns calories but the stress of ‘the hunt” counteracts the endorphins….SO plan to power walk first at the mall or when you get home.
Third….make sure you have downtime! Get in the habit of having a cup of tea (decaf) when you get home and take a moment to recenter and reboot yourself.  Stretch right before bed at night…you’ll sleep better and wake refreshed. Take a one minute vacation…. Have several snapshots in your head that you can visualize at anytime to ‘take you away’. These moments all help to strengthen your resolve and willpower….
It’s the small steps taken frequently throughout the day that build the road to a healthful life.


  1. Great advise - thanks for sharing !

  2. This is great...thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for posting this - sooo true! It's the little things for sure!!!