Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red Robin....Yummmmm

So today I went out to lunch with a coworker and we went to Red Robin. The old me would have got some 5,000 cal burger of some sort but today I was able to pass it up and split a grilled chicken salad with my friend. This just freakin amazes me...its like I didn't want to waste my calories on it, and I actually was craving veggies...THAT IS SO NOT ME. Of coarse I did save some tiny room for a few of their infamous steak fries and they were gooood! I walked away not feeling too guilty. I think they brain washed me a bit when I was under anethesia!!


  1. Isn't it awesome?!?! Lapbands RULE (when used properly). Way to go!

  2. Ohhh, I miss Red Robin! My husband and I used to go there once a month when we lived in a city that had one - Quebec doesn't have them - super sad face. Banzai burgers make my life complete, 5000 cals or no. Actually, maybe it's a good thing there's no Red Robin here....! I'll just live vicariously through you! Congrats on that NSV, girl!

  3. Sounds like good brain washing to me :) Just a few steak fries ... oh, I am afraid to even try !