Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I ended up with the Viral Infection too...Blah

So Sunday I woke up at 1am, violently ill just like my son had been. Here's the weird part warning TMI section...I kept retching really hard but I couldn't throw up. It was coming out the other end at the same time, but its like my band stopped me from actually throwing up. It hurt just as bad though. Has that happened to anyone else? I kept thinking oh no, I am going to make my band slip or do some terrible damage...but nada, zilch. It was so strange. Yesterday, I literally didn't move out of bed, today I feel a little better but very weak, and dizzy when I get up. I am trying to slowly get my fluids in so I don't get dehydrated like my son did. Whatever this Crap is its EVIL!


  1. Im sorry you are sick. I have only ever PB'd with my band,it sounds like a good question for your doctor. I hope you feel 100% soon.

  2. oh yuck! don't bring it with you on Thursday! leave that stuff at home :P the only time I had the both ends thing was when I got sick after being in a hotel pool. bright yellow out both ends. horrible! I was on all fours in the shower. I know, TMI. But you're a nurse :P

  3. Oh no!!! Get well soon!!!
    In response to your comment on my blog:
    That's AMAZING that your nephew looks like Harry Potter!!! hahaha and nope I wasn't out with the YM's on Mutual Night LoL bahahaha - was just being...disobedient hahahaha LoL got caught in the end by my mother - i swear mothers must have like a 6th sense or something!!!