Saturday, January 7, 2012

A night in the Hospital with my son/ I have hit the motherload/ Comparison Pics

Spent the whole night at the hospital with my 10 yr old son. He became violently ill last evening. After 5 sticks for the IV, cat scans etc etc. they were able to rule out his appendix. He has an extreme Viral infection, poor fella. I think he should earn a new PS 3 game for this one!! Momma just needs rest, she is too old to pull the all nighters anymore!

On a positive note my friend just posted on facebook that she cleaned out her closet for clothes to give me...OMG I think I have hit the motherload!! She has 12 bags of clothes....

Finally, here is a picture of me that a coworker took on Friday, I cannot believe how much I've change

Sept 15, 2011~ Day of Surgery


  1. Your poor little guy, I cant even imagen how scarey that must have been. Im glad he is ok. You look amazing. Great work.

  2. That sounds awful, I hope he is better soon! You look fantastic!!!

  3. Wow - holy comparison shot! Nice! I'm so sorry about your son...mine was in the hospital last year with the's so terrible to watch.

  4. that must have been horrible at the hospital waiting to find out what was wrong! BTW--Holy crap look awesome! I also tagged you in my blog!

  5. First, I am glad the doctors found out what was wrong with your son. I am sure that was scary.
    You look great. I think it is a great idea to look at pictures now and then to keep us motivated.

  6. You look great! Hope both you and your son are feeling better!