Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skinny Jeans and other things....

Last Thursday I went to our Support Group and we had a clothing exchange. It was super fun. Amy and I finally got to meet Elizabeth in person which was great. We spent time talking with a lady who is about to be banded and then tryed on clothes. Here is the weird part. There was a pair of true skinny jeans and I took one look and said no way. Elizabeth convinced me to try them on and low and behold they fit! She said she thinks they are even a little big. Me, I felt like I had been poured into them. I just can't believe I have a pair of skinny jeans now! Now I just need to be brave enough to wear them out in public. Total NSV I would say. The other really cool thing is I just registered for this:
I am going to do my first 8K!!!!!! Grant you I will probably walk most of it because my joints aren't ready for running but I am so happy to be taking my fitness efforts to a new level!! Anyone want to join me??? Its Feb 19th...
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


  1. Awesome on the jeans! Good luck on the race - what an accomplishment.

  2. I would totally do it with you, if I were in the area! :)

  3. WOHOOOOOOOOO!!! well im on the other side of the world so can't join yah LoL but yayness for the skinny jeans - work it!!!

  4. whoa...13 miles? I don't think I can be ready by then. I totally want to but I doubt I can make it.