Sunday, January 29, 2012

What the Fudge????

So I weighed in on Friday and I was down 0.1 lbs. I thought exercise was supposed to help you with weight loss??? I have faithfully done my C25K program every day this week, and 0.1 seriously? I know I should not be complaining since I could have gained or stayed the same but all I can think of is "What the Fudge"? You would think I ate it or something!! Today being the scale hog I am I weighed only to find out I am up 2 pounds. I cannot use the TOM excuse, since he doesn't visit me anymore. Has this happened to any of you??? I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I haven't even had enough time to build more up. Signed, CONFUSED....


  1. I agree Kelli it is so hard, I alwaysget really low numbers regardless of what I do. Do u weigh yourself at the same time? I just finished the second week of c25k it is hard but I love knowing that I got in a goodvworkout. Just tonight I was thinking thatbthe running might be building up some muscle in my legs and muscle weighs more than fat. Ugh it is hard and confusing. Stick in there.

  2. I know that if I am really sore I seem to retain more water. I would up your water intake and see if you can flush it out....maybe also your sodium intake has been high? But its a I send you congrats!!!!!

  3. It is so hard when we weigh ourselves every day. I know because I do it too! LOL We fluctuate weight at all different times of the day, and week for that matter. They say to weigh every day but only count the weight on one day of the week like Sunday or something. That is your "official Weight" for the week.

    I know muscles weighs more and as long as you are doing what you need to I am certain you will see a loss.

    My body loses in chunks of like 2 or 3 pounds at a time usually.

    Keep hanging in there.

  4. I bumped up my exercise in the month of January, and saw a lower decrease in weight as compared to other months. I've made good food choices, but I'm guessing I'm building up some muscle. I agree with Kristin (above)...I'll stay the same for days and days, and then WHAM - I'll drop 3 pounds overnight. There's no pattern (not even TOM), so I just shake my head.